"I Crave This."

Yes, that's a real review. Not only are Mug Muffin Meals healthy, they're also incredibly delicious.

Whole Food, Plant-based, Delicious, Convenient

Healthy, Convenient, Delicious

Treat yourself, guilt-free, with indulgent Mug Muffin Meals. Each Muffin combines delicious flavor and amazing texture in a convenient snack or small meal. Just add water or your favorite plant milk for a filling meal packed with fiber, micronutrients, and decadent flavor.




✓No Added Sugar

✓No Added Salt


✓Ready in 90 seconds

  • It's Too Good!

    "This can't be healthy for me. It tastes too good!"

    - John

  • Highly Recommend!

    "I just tried the Cacao Cherry Crave flavor and it is so gooey and satisfying!"

    - Dalana

  • Yummy AND Convenient!

    We love our Mug Muffins! We both work full time from home and love the convenience of throwing breakfast in a mug into the microwave and having it ready in 90 seconds!

    - Bernie

The Mug Muffin Story

Robin Jeep, Chase Worthen, and  Mark Adams founded Enliven Foods to make eating plants more pleasurable and convenient.

They were each inspired by their own experience with plant-based eating. Using plants, they were able to survive auto-immune issues, manage IBS, and lose weight.

After years of training around the world on whole food, plant-based eating, Robin used her experience as a classically trained chef to tackle the two main obstacles of healthy eating - flavor and convenience - and created Mug Muffin Meals.

After years of iterations, Mug Muffin Meals were successfully launched on Kickstarter. They became one of the most popular health food brands on the platform. 

We're thrilled to be able to provide all-natural, wholesome products that make plant-based eating delicious, convenient, and filling.

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