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Welcome to the Mug Club

The Mug Club is the healthiest club around! If you subscribe to any of our products, that means you're in the club! 

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The Perks of the Club

The Perks of
the Club

- 10% Discount on Mug Muffin Meals on every order -

- 10% Discount on Mug Muffin Meals on every order -

After your first subscription order receive:
-Our 7 day meal plan with 10 whole food plant-based recipes
-3 delicious plant-based topping recipes that will take your Mug Muffin Meals to the next level
-Exclusive first access monthly cooking demos with Robin or someone from the Enliven team
-20% discount code to Enliven Your Life Course

You'll also get:
- First access to new flavors and deals
- A hand-made mug as a free gift after your 10th order

Get all of this for as long as your subscription is active.

About the Club

How to Join

How to Join

This is the very best part, it's easy to join. All you have to do is adjust what you pick when adding to your cart!

Instead of one-time order, select the subscription option, pick your frequency and then checkout just like you typically would. 

You aren't locked into the frequency you pick, you are able to change this at anytime.

Watch the video to see exactly how to join the club.

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A Free Gift

A Free Gift

Our dear friend Jeff Jones has crafted a limited edition mug, exclusive for Enliven Foods.

After your 10th subscription order we'll send you a free hand-crafted mug as our gift to you.

Ready to Join?

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* Club Perks may be updated from time to time