Enliven Your Life Food Course
Enliven Your Life Food Course

Enliven Foods

Enliven Your Life Food Course

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During this six-week course you'll learn how to use nutrition and mindfulness to create true health. You'll learn how to eat more plants or, transition to plant-based eating entirely.         

We get it, transition is difficult for most people and requires motivation and knowledge to be successful. Also, many people are not aware of the right foods and preparation to receive the entourage of necessary nutrients to reverse and prevent health conditions. In this course, Robin reveals obstacles and solutions, addressing highly palatable processed food addiction and preconceived notions about what we need to eat. For example, protein obsession.

We hope you'll join us!

Learn to love plant-based eating

Learn from experienced mentors

See cooking demos

Get guided meditations

What We'll Cover

Our team has put together 6 amazing sessions. During the course, we'll cover:

* The 7 Obstacles to Super Health
* How Inner Influences Affect Health
* Your Microbiome
* Escaping the Pleasure Trap
* How Food Can Create Protective Health

Each course will feature:

* Cooking demos
* Guided mediations
* And more!

Robin Jeep, Co-Founder of Enliven Foods

About Your Instructors,
Robin Jeep and
Rachel von Niederhausern

Robin’s nineteen years of study, practical application, teaching culinary nutrition courses, her time as Dr. Fuhrman’s dietary assistant, and thirty-plus years as a professional chef makes her your ideal guide. In six weeks you will know nutrition truth basics and how to live stronger and longer.

Rachel's health journey started more than 20 years ago when she was diagnosed with IBS. Since finding whole food plant-based eating she now feels better than ever. As a mom of 6 kids she knows life can be crazy and transitioning to plant-based eating can be a challenge. She'll share what she's learned along the way.

Weight Loss

High-fiber foods can fill you up and keep you feeling fuller longer

Blood Pressure

Certain foods have been shown to reduce your hypertension

Disease Prevention

Antioxidants can prevent cell damage causing serious diseases

Decreases Cholesterol

Oats contain a compound called beta-glucan to reduce LDL

Your Virtual Classroom

Courses will be held virutally once per week, beginning June 15.

You're invited to join us on Zoom for a virtual session. And don't worry. If you can't make the live session you can watch the replay whenver, and as often as you like.

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Our Customers

Read actual testimonials from happy, healthy clients of Crunchy. We are grateful for our customers & the transformations they have because of our natural food products. See for yourself the difference Crunchy has made!

About Nature’s Path

The seed for Nature’s Path was planted way back in the 1930s when Arran Stephens was growing up on his family’s second-generation organic berry farm. Arran’s father taught him how to care for and nurture the soil, telling him to “always leave the earth better than you found it”. These words have been woven into the very fabric of Nature’s Path.

Learn a Lot and Save Big

Normally we sell our courses for $300. Our mission is to make plant-based eating easier and so, for a limited time, we're offering our course at an 80% discount. That means that you can join the entire 6 week course for the cost of only a single session.

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