Whole Food Mug Muffin Meals

Indulgent whole food, plant-based muffins ready in minutes.

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Plant-Based, Convenient, and Gourmet is Possible

We know. It's hard to believe that a plant-based meal can be not only convenient but also gourment. Our muffins are indulgent, easy to make, filling and whole food, plant-based. Just add water for a filling meal packed with fiber, micronutrients, and decadent flavor. Say goodbye to added sugar, gluten, grain, dairy, and bland health food.

  • Gourmet

    Flavorful and fluffy. Our muffins were created by Robin Jeep, celebrity chef, to provide delicious taste and amazing texture.

  • Healthy

    Mug Muffin Meals have no added sugar, no gluten, no GMOs, and no dairy. They're entirely whole food, plant-based.

  • Convenient

    Your meal is ready in 60 seconds. Simply add water and microwave. Our muffins make eating well easy.

  • Satisfying

    Finally, health food that is filling. Get full and stay full with a Mug Muffin Meal.

Join Us On Our Health Journey

Enliven Foods was founded by three friends -- Chase Worthen, Robin Jeep, and Mark Adams -- who each began eating a plant-based diet for different reasons but each found the same result, better health.

Each of us can attest to our improved energy, mental clarity, digestion, and overall health after making the switch. Each of us have been cured of chronic pain.

We've made the transition to whole food, plant-based eating and we know that it can be difficult. We can miss flavors, textures, and the convenience that a standard American diet give. That's why we created Enliven Foods. To create whole food, plant-based food that is convenient, indulgent in flavor and texture, and satisfying.

We hope you'll join us.

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  • Cathy G.

    The cacao muffins were so easy to make. These muffins were not too sweet and I found very filling. The smell was heavenly as they came out of the oven.

  • Stryker R.

    This makes a great breakfast!

  • Coy W.

    I love the Sweet Potato Sunrise. A filling and flavorful indulgence without the guilt!

  • Jake B.

    I really liked the Sweet Potato Sunrise. I liked knowing that it was good for me and I was full for hours after eating one.

  • Rose R.

    The Cacao Cherry Crave muffin was delicious and so easy to make!

  • Aubrey L.

    Great texture, great taste. I'd have no problem feeding these to my kids.

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