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Enliven Foods

Weight-Loss and Protective Immunity Bundle

Weight-Loss and Protective Immunity Bundle

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-- Save 20% When You Purchase the Bundle --

Unlock Easier Weight Management & Vibrant Health

The Weight-Loss and Protective Immunity Bundle Includes:

✓3 Packages of Mug Muffin Meals
✓A Hand-made Artisan Mug
✓The 7-Day Enliven Your Life Meal Plan Guide

Individually, these products sell for $99 but you can get them for only $79 as part of the bundle.

The 7-Day Enliven Your Life Meal Plan is crafted to use plant-based nutrition to improve healthy immunity and weight loss.

It features:

✓7 days worth of plant-based meals
✓A shopping list to make getting ingredients easy
✓Educational content about plant-based nutrition

Cutting off the sweets and indulgences most people are used to can be difficult so we have replaced unhealthy snacking with a Mug Muffin Meal as part of your whole food health plan. 

You can indulge without guilt.

Eat Plants the Right Way with Our Meal Plan

Many people who transition to a whole food, plant-based diet still struggle to lose weight or improve overall health. That's because eating plants isn't the only solution to health. You need to eat the right variety of plants to ensure that your body has the diverse nutrients it needs to maintain optimal health.

✓10 chef-crafted recipes

✓Latest in nutrition science

✓Lower body weight and improve immunity

  • Literally Life Changing

    Jim has stuck very faithfully to the eating plan since we started, is continuing to do so, and I fully expect his cholesterol numbers to drop further.

    - Carolyn W.

  • I love this diet

    When I started this program, I was doubtful that I could be satisfied with a diet low on meat content. I saw it as a short-term commitment to achieve weight loss. Much to my amazement, I discovered nothing could be more false. I love this diet.

    - Maxine H.

  • Accurate and Honest

    Having been in the health and weight loss fields for the last 18 years, there are only a handful of people I can rely on and trust for accurate and honest information, and Robin Jeep is one of them.

    - Daniel T.