An Indulgent Plant-Based Experience

An Indulgent Plant-Based Experience

99% of people don’t know these 5 plant-based cooking hacks.

A common complaint we hear from people transitioning to a plant-based diet is that the food isn’t good. The texture and taste they get from plant-based food just isn’t that indulgent, gourmet experience they can get with food they’ve been eating for years. 

See, the problem isn’t that the ingredients are bad. It’s that 99% of people don’t know how to get the texture and flavor they want from these new plant-based ingredients. 

Executive Chef of Enliven Foods, Robin Jeep, uses these 5 secrets to create an indulgent, gourmet experience with whole food, plant-based ingredients.

These are the exact secrets we’ve used to create Mug Muffin Meals; a convenient, filling, and most importantly indulgent whole-food, plant-based muffin mix which launches on Kickstarter in January. 


Tip 1: Use the highest quality ingredients.

What are the highest quality ingredients? To answer that we have to talk about where flavor comes from. Flavor comes from the mineral component in the ingredient. Therefore, food grown in nutrient-dense, organic soils with natural fertilizer and proper growing practices will have the most flavor. Produce loses vitamins and minerals the longer it has been removed from its life-giving vine or stem. The most flavorful produce will be what is picked ripe from a garden or sourced local. 


Tip 2: Use herbs and spices.

There is a reason for the expression, “the spice of life.” Herbs and spices not only give flavor to food but can improve health and longevity. There is a reason we naturally enjoy their flavors. Tasty herbs and spices not only enhance flavors of food but our physical and mental health as well. Saffron, for example, has scientific studies showing its antidepressant effects. There is ample evidence that spices and herbs possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumorigenic, anticarcinogenic properties.


Tip 3: Get the right flavor balance.

Sweet, savory, sour, bitter, and umami are the five taste elements to building a flavorful and healthful dining experience. Balancing flavor is both science and an art. Training your palate to recognize the perfect combination is not difficult as it is something we are wired for. You just need to know the basics and you can let your creativity flow from there.


Tip 4: Use condiments.

Having tasty condiments on hand is a great way to enhance a quickly prepared meal. For example, simple steamed veggies and beans can become a gourmet dish with a savory, creamy plant-based sauce topped with some salsa.


Tip 5: Speaking of sauces.

The art of sauce making is what makes French and Italian food so delicious. Nutrient-rich, bold flavors that we get in sauces is what we humans are wired to enjoy. There are so many variations; tangy, sweet-tangy, savory, bitter-savory, sweet-savory, creamy, creamy-tart, astringent, etc. Plant-based sauces are becoming more and more popular and can be found at most grocery stores. 


And a bonus sixth tip!


Tip 6: Get the right mouth-feel texture.

What do you experience in your mouth when you take a bite of creamy ice cream? Cold, sweet, creamy. This experience is just as important as flavor, and even enhances flavor. The tantalizing tart bite in the back of your mouth, the rich creamy feel of fat rolling around in your cheeks, and the joy of biting down on crispness is vital to the pleasurable experience of eating. You can create rich textures with plant-based recipes by using a variety of textures like crunchy, fluffy, etc.

Using these tips will help you create indulgent, delicious plant-based recipes that burst with flavor.

Which one are you the most excited to try in your next plant-based meal?

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